BE Beertone Switzerland Glass

Have you ever thought to create a beer guide based on the color of your beer?

Well, the guys from Beertone have!!

Beertone is a beer reference guide ordered to the beer’s color tone.

On each page you find a different beer with all its information: beer style, alcohol content, ideal drinking temperature and even QR codes to connect the physical edition with the digital version.

The first edition created in 2013 is made only with Swiss beers.

After that, they decided to go back to their roots and created the Beertone Brazil. This edition has a focus on the new craft beer movement that is growing so much in Brazil.

The project has been a success and deliveries are registered for many countries, such as US, Russia, South Africa, China and many more.

The company is working right now on the German Edition and discussions are already in place for the American Edition.

So if you know some outstanding beer from your country that you think that everyone should know about it, let them know!

You might find your favorite beer in the guide in the future!

A great idea for you to have in your house, party or bar. It will start some interesting conversations!

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